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Current nomenclature (Dec. 2015)

Substantial changes affecting the generic nomenclature for Acacia sens. lat. have occurred in recent years. These changes have come about principally because of the subdivision of this group into multiple genera and the retypification of Acacia (sens. str.). The currently accepted generic and infra-generic names are listed below together with their more commonly used synonyms. This is the generic nomenclature that has been adopted on WorldWideWattle. Species within the new generic framework can located by using the WorldWideWattle Search feature.

ACACIA SENS. LAT. (an informal term used to encompass the following genera).

Acacia Mill. (sens. str.) (syn. Racosperma Raf.; Acacia subg. Phyllodineae (DC.) Ser.; Acacia subg. Heterophyllum Vas.)
Acaciella Britton & Rose (syn. Acacia subg. Aculeiferum sect. Filicineae Benth.)
Mariosousa Seigler & Ebinger (syn. Acacia subg. Aculeiferum Vas., pro parte)
Senegalia Raf. (syn. Acacia subg. Aculeiferum Vas.) (Two new, small genera confined to the Americas are expected to be soon segregated from Senegalia.)
Vachellia Wight & Arn. (syn. the former Acacia Mill. subg. Acacia)


The large genus Acacia (sens. str.) comprises seven sections. It should be noted that the former Acacia sect. Phyllodineae is now Acacia sect. Acacia.

Sect. Acacia (syn. sect. Phyllodineae)
Sect. Alatae (Benth.) Pedley
Sect. Botrycephalae (Benth.) Taub.
Sect. Juliflorae (Benth.) C.Moore & Betche
Sect. Lycopodiifoliae Pedley
Sect. Plurinerves (Benth.) C.Moore & Betche
Sect. Pulchellae (Benth.) Taub


Within Senegalia infrageneric taxa are not in common use. However, the following two sectional names are increasingly appearing in literature.

Sect. Aculeiferum

Sect. Monacanthea Vas.

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