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Comprehensive bibliographic information concerning Acacia is planned for the future.

In the meantime a few selected publications which are available online are presented for your convenience. Other references and web sites are listed under relevant topics within WorldWideWattle. See also Recent Publications under the News and Events.

Brockwell, J., Searle, S., Jeavons, A.C. and Maayers, M. (2005). Nitrogen fixation in Acacias: an Untapped Resource for Sustainable Plantations, Farm Forestry and Land Reclamation. pp. 132. (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research: Canberra.). This book may be viewed and/or purchased online by visiting ACIAR Books Online.

Crespi, B.J., Morris, D.C. and Mound, L.A. (2004). Evolution of Ecological and Behavioural Diversity: Australian Acacia Thrips as Model Organisms. (Australian Biological Resources Study & Australian National Insect Collection, CSIRO: Canberra). This book, which contains a Botanical Annexe by B.R. Maslin titled "Classification and phylogeny of Acacia", is available for purchase online.

Crisp, M.D., Farrer, S.L. and Launonen, T.M. (eds) (2003). Biology of Acacia. Advances in Legume Systematics Part 11. Australian Systematic Botany 16(1): 1-138. This volume includes 13 papers on Acacia that were presented at the Fourth International Legume Conference in Canberra (2-6 July, 2001); it can be purchased from CSIRO Publishing and (free) abstracts of the papers are available for downloading.

Luckow, M., Miller, J.T., Murphy, D.J. and Livshultz, T. (2003). A phylogenetic analysis of the Mimosoideae (Leguminosae) based on chloroplast DNA sequence data. In B.B. Klitgaard and A. Bruneau (eds) Advances in Legume Systematics, part 10, Higher Level Systematics, pp. 197-220. (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: London.). [The PDF version of this paper is provided with kind permission of The Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Copyright 2003.]

Maslin, B.R. (1998). Wattles of the Kalannie region: their identification, characteristics and utilisation. (CDROM Publ. for the Kalannie Land Care District by Dept. Conservation and Land Management, Perth.)

Maslin, B.R. (coordinator) (2001). WATTLE Acacias of Australia. CD ROM Publication. (Published by Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra and Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth). (Available for purchase from CSIRO Publishing.)

Maslin, B.R. and George, A.S. (eds) (2002). The conservation and utilisation potential of Australian dryland Acacias. Conservation Science Western Australia vol. 4(3): 1-191. Proceedings of a Symposium held in Dalwallinu, July 2001) Pdf downloads of the papers are available and the journal itself is available for purchase from the Dalwallinu Shire (contact Brent Parkinson at dallyshire@wn.com.au).

Maslin, B.R. and McDonald, M.W. (1996). A key to useful Australian acacias for the seasonally dry tropics. (CSIRO, Australia.). (Available for purchase from CSIRO Publishing.)

Maslin, B.R., Thomson, L.A.J., McDonald, M.W. and Hamilton-Brown, S. (1998). Edible wattle seeds of southern Australia. A review of species for use in semi-arid regions. 108 pp. (CSIRO: Australia.). (Available for purchase from CSIRO Publishing.)

Miller, J.T., Andrew, R. and Bayer, R.J. (2003). Molecular phylogenetics of the Australian acacias of subg. Phyllodineae (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae) based on the trnK intron. Australian Journal of Botany 51: 167-177. (Abstract)


Department of the Environment and Heritage. Conduct a search using Acacia to obtain reports and other documents relating to the genus.

Australian Biological Resources Study. Visit this site, click on ‘Search database’ and enter Acacia to obtain the key to species and then the descriptions and illustrations of Acacia that appeared in the Flora of Australia vols. 11A and 11B. (These volumes are available for purchase from CSIRO Publishing.). Note: these same descriptions are available (in a different format) from under Species Gallery on Worldwidewattle.

CSIRO Publishing. Conduct a search using Acacia (and using ‘All content’ from the drop-down box) to obtain a listing of the wide range of papers, books and other products relating to Wattles that have been published and produced by this organisation.

Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation. Conduct a search using Acacia to obtain reports and other documents relating to the utilisation of species of this genus.


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