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Descriptions of Australian Acacias

Individual species descriptions are provided at the WorldWideWattle Species Gallery.

The selected list of reference below provides complementary information, including species descriptions (and often keys, maps, illustrations, photographs and/or additional information such as biological, ecological, geographic etc. data).


Maslin, B.R. (2001). Acacia. In A.E. Orchard & A.J.G. Wilson (eds) Flora of Australia Volume 11A & 11B, Mimosaceae, Acacia part 1 & 2. (ABRS/CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne). Descriptions and other taxonomic information, plus illustrations, distribution maps and some photographs, provided for Australian species of Acacia. Species treatments prepared by a range of authors.

Maslin, B.R. (coordinator) (2001). WATTLE Acacias of Australia. CD ROM Publication. (Published by Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra and Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth). An electronic companion to the Flora of Australia volumes 11A & 11B, containing additional descriptive information and a interactive key to species identification.

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Australian Capital Territory

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Central Australia

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New South Wales

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Northern Territory

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South Australia

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South-eastern Australia

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Western Australia

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Commonly utilised species (see also references under State listings above)

Australian Biological Resources Study. SpeciesBank website.

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Descriptions of a few useful multipurpose Acacias provided by FACT Net.

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Description of Scarlet Blaze (variant of Acacia leprosa) is available on the web.

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Society for Growing Native Plants website.

Extra-Australian phyllodinous species

Pedley, L. (1975). Revision of the extra-Australian species of Acacia subg. Heterophyllum. Contributions from the Queensland Herbarium 18: 1-24.

Miscellaneous descriptions on web (additional to those in references already cited)

Description of Mulga (Acacia aneura) is available on the web. A detailed discussion of the variation in the Mulga complex is available elsewhere on WorldWideWattle.

Descritpion of Kurara (Acacia tetragonophylla) is available on the web.

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