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Acacia acuminata Report

This Report was originally prepared in 1999 (but not formally published) with funding support from the Sandalwood Business Unit within CALM. This Unit is now subsumed within the Forest Products Commission who has kindly agreed that the Report now be made available on WorldWideWattle. It should be noted that the pagination in this web version is different from that in the hard copy version. The publication date of this web version is Nov. 2004.

The Acacia acuminata (Jam) group: an analysis of variation to aid Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) plantation research

Report to the Sandalwood Business Unit

By Bruce Maslin, Margaret Byrne, David Coates, Linda Broadhurst, Helen Coleman and Bronwyn Macdonald

small seed pods


Katanning, single-stemmed tree


30 km E Katanning



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