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Understanding Mulga: Related Mulga Activities


PhD Thesis: Mulga ecology and applications to site restoration at West Angelas, Pilbara.

Student: Gerald Page (UWA)
Supervisors: Dr. Pauline Grierson (UWA), Dr. Louise Cullen (UWA), Dr. Stephen van Leeuwen (DEC)
Funding: Pilbara Iron Pty. Ltd.
Commenced: April 2005

For more information on this project please visit: http://www.plants.uwa.edu.au/home/research/research_centres/ergo/students/gerald_page


Australian Sandalwood Network (ASN)

The ASN is an active growers group dedicated towards developing the Austalian Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) plantation industry in southern Western Australia. Currently this group is trialing the use of Mulga (Acacia aneura) as long-term host species for Australian Sandalwood, however taxonomic clarification of the Mulga complex is critical to their sucess and further work with these plants as host species.

For more information on this organisation and its acitivies please visit: http://www.sandalwood.org.au/index.htm


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