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The purpose of Species Gallery is to provide access to descriptions (and illustrations), synonymy, distribution and other information for taxa of Acacia sens. lat. taxa worldwide.

To facilitate this WorldWideWattle enables users to select the genera and regions that they wish to display in Species (and Image) Gallery. To do this select below the genus (or genera) and the geographic region(s) you wish to interrogate, then click the Submit button to enter the Browse Species Gallery page. WorldWideWattle will “remember” your choices (Settings) so the next time you enter Species Gallery you will be taken directly to the Browse Species Gallery page which will contain your selected taxa/regions. From Browse Species Gallery you can at any time modify your choices (Settings) by clicking on “Change current settings” or "Home" to return to this Species Gallery Home page.

User Note: Significant nomenclatural changes have occurred as a consequence of the fragmentation of Acacia sens. lat. and the conservation of the name Acacia with a new type. Earlier versions of WorldWideWattle enabled users to keep track of these changes by providing accepted names under both the new multi-generic classification with Acacia conserved by a new type and also under the former classification where Acacia was treated as a single genus with its original type. However, because WorldWideWattle now provides searching functionality, it is no longer necessary to provide these alternative classifications; most of the species/infra-species names that applied when Acacia was considered a single genus can now be located using Advanced Search. It should be noted that currently WorldWideWattle provides only partial synonymy; full synonymy will be implemented as soon as possible.

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Acacia (sens. str.)
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean

Supplementary species information:

Unassigned currently includes the following regions:

  • Madagascar/Mascarenes
  • Middle East
  • Pacific Region
  • South Atlantic


Page last updated: Thursday 22 June 2023