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Where Watttles are found worldwide


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Where wattles are found around the world

Acacias are found around the world. They occur Africa (144 species), Asia (89 species), the Americas (about 185 species), the Pacific region (7 species) but by far the largest numbers (985 species) occur in Australia.

Giraffe and elephant walk between flat topped acacias trees of the African landscape (where almost 150 species are found). Acacias may be a prickly shrub or tree in Central and South America (about 185 species) and south east Asia, and acacias grow from the top to the bottom of the Australian continent. Acacias only grow in Europe because exploring Europeans came back with seeds to plant. There, acacias are called mimosa and many of them are weeds in countries like France along the Mediterranean.

Wattle you know wattle you do?

Local map activity: use street directory to find wattle names/places in your area. You will find lots! World map activity: colour in yellow and green on a map where wattles are found around world.


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