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Acacia littorea

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Acacia littorea Maslin, Nuytsia 2: 311; 312, fig. 16 & 330, fig. 24 (1978)

Dense shrub 1–2 m high. Branchlets prominently ribbed, glabrous. Stipules caducous. Phyllodes rather crowded, ascending, obtriangular to obdeltate with a prominent gland-bearing angle on adaxial margin above the middle, sometimes asymmetrically trapeziform with 2 gland-bearing angles, with adaxial proximal margin contiguous with branchlet, obliquely truncate, 7–17 mm long, 5–15 mm wide, l:w = 1–2, sometimes larger, pungent, glabrous; midrib near lower margin. Inflorescences extremely reduced 1- (3–or 4–) headed racemes with axes to c. 0.5 mm long; peduncles 6–12 mm long, glabrous; heads globular, 8–15-flowered, pale yellow. Flowers 4-merous; sepals united to near apex, with lobes broadly triangular. Pods linear, curved, to 6 cm long, 2.5–3 mm wide, crustaceous, blackish, glabrous or subglabrous; margins thick, yellowish. Seeds longitudinal, oblong, 2.5–3 mm long, shiny, brown; aril scarcely clavate.

Coastal areas from near Busselton E to Bremer Bay, also on Rottnest Is., south-western W.A. Grows on coastal dunes in deep sand, commonly in heath; often locally abundant. Flowers Aug.- Dec.

Possibly better treated as a subspecies of A. truncata . See B.R.Maslin, Nuytsia 2: 311–321 (1978), for discussion.

Type of accepted name

W side of Princess Royal Harbour, Albany, W.A., 29 Aug. 1975, B.R.Maslin 3775 ; holo: PERTH.


Acacia decipiens var. trapezoidea DC., Prodr . 2: 449 (1825). Type: Nouvelle Hollande, cote occident. (sphalm. ‘orient.’) [Geographe Bay, W.A.], Mus. de Paris 1821 ; holo: G-DC.

Acacia dolabriformis Colla, Hortus Ripul . 1 (1824), non H.L.Wendl. (1820) nec A.Cunn. ex Hook. (1837). Type: cultivated in horto Ripulensis, Aug. 1823, Erbario Bertero ; holo: TO.

Acacia decipiens var. praemorsa Graham, Edinburgh New Philos . J. 14: 370 (1833). Type: received in 1831 at Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, from Mr Knight of the Kings Road Nursery; n.v .

Acacia praemorsa Graham, loc. cit ., nom. nud ., pro syn . sub A. decipiens var. praemorsa .

Acacia trapezoidea DC. ex Steud., Nomencl. Bot . 2nd edn, 1: 8 (1840), nom. nud., pro syn . sub A. decipiens .

Acacia cuneata var. glabra Meisn., in J.G.C.Lehmann, Pl. Preiss . 1: 9 (1844) p.p. , not as to lectotype, as to Rottnest Is., L.Preiss 954 –C, FI, L, M, MO, NAP, NY, P, STR, W (also K, MEL, PERTH Fragment ex MEL & W but all incorrectly labelled L.Preiss 956 ); see B.R.Maslin & R.S.Cowan, Nuytsia 9: 404 (1994) for discussion.

Acacia schottiana hort. ex Seem., Eur. Acac . 12 (1852), nom. nud .

Acacia decipiens var. multiflora Ser., Fl. Jard . 3: 481 (1849). Type: presumably cultivated, specimen annotated Acacia decipiens var. multiflora ; holo: LY.

Acacia decipiens var. triangularis Ser., Fl. Jard . 3: 481 (1849). Type: specimen annotated Acacia decipiens var. triangularis , 1825, cultivated by Mr Meisn.; syn: LY; presumably cultivated, specimen annotated Acacia decipiens var. triangularis , 1825, Banard ; syn: LY.

[ Mimosa decipiens auct. non K.D.Koenig: K.D.E.Koenig, Ann. Bot. (Knig & Sims) 1: 366, t. 8 (1804), as to description only, excluding cited synonym, i.e. Adiantum truncatum ]

[ Acacia decipiens auct. non (K.D.Koenig) R.Br.: R.Brown, in W.T.Aiton, Hortus Kew . 2nd edn, 5: 463 (1813); J.Sims, Bot. Mag . 41: t. 1745 (1815); J.E.Smith, in A.Rees, Cycl . 39: sub Acacia (1818); G.Bentham, Fl. Austral. 2: 351 (1864)]

[ Phyllodoce decipiens auct. non (K.D.Koenig) Link: J.H.F.Link , Handbuch 2: 132 (1831)]

[ Acacia truncata auct. non (Burm.f.) hort. ex Hoffmanns.: E.D.Merrill, Philipp. J. Sci . 19: 352 (1921)]

Doubtful name

Acacia decipiens var. major Diels: see Doubtful Names.


J.Sims, loc. cit .; W.J.Hooker, Bot. Mag . 60: t. 3244 (1833); B.R.Maslin, Nuytsia 2: 312, fig. 16 (1978).

Representative collections

W.A.: Bald Head, King George Sound, Albany, Dec. 1801, R.Brown (BM, K— no. 4310 ); Rottnest Is., Parker Point area, F.G.Smith 2384 (PERTH); Bremer Bay, P.G.Wilson 4307 (AD, E, K, L, MEL, PERTH); Cape Leeuwin, P.G.Wilson 10235 (K, MEL, NSW, PERTH).


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