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Acacia flavipila

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Acacia flavipila A.S.George (as ‘flavopila’), W. Austral. Naturalist 10(2): 32 (1966)

Spreading shrub 0.5–2 m high. Branchlets crispate-villous to puberulous or appressed-puberulous, the hairs golden or white on young shoots. Stipules persistent, c. 1 mm long. Phyllodes elliptic to widely elliptic, oblong-elliptic or oblanceolate, mostly inequilateral, 10–22 mm long, 3–9 mm wide, rounded to obtuse, sometimes emarginate, mucronulate, minutely crispate-villous or glabrous, with 2 or 3 main nerves and frequently anastomosing secondary nerves; gland 1–5 mm above pulvinus. Inflorescences (1- or) 2-headed racemes; raceme axes 1–7 mm long, sericeous to minutely pilose with golden hairs; peduncles 3–6 mm long, sericeous to minutely pilose, with pale yellow to bright golden hairs; heads globular, 4–5.5 mm diam., 28–35-flowered, golden; bracteoles ovate, lanceolate or quadrate-ovate, exserted or not in buds. Flowers 5-merous; sepals free, golden-puberulous. Pods linear, coiled or only arcuate, to 3 cm long, 3–4 mm wide, villous. Seeds not seen.

Scattered from near Cadoux SE to near Dunn Swamp (c. 89 km NE of Ravensthorpe), in south-western W.A.

Acacia flavipila together with A. auratiflora , A. cassicula , A. consobrina , A. ixiophylla , A. kingiana , A. lanei , A. lanuginophylla , A. lobulata , A. loxophylla , A. spongolitica , A. trulliformis , A. verricula and A. vittata constitutes the ‘A. flavipila group’. Closely related to A. consobrina and superficially similar to A. chrysopoda .

Acacia loxophylla var. nervosa (see Doubtful Names ) appears referable to the ‘A. flavipila group’ but cannot be accommodated within any of the above mentioned taxa.

Occurs as two varieties in southern W. A.

Phyllodes elliptic to oblong-elliptic or oblanceolate, mostly obviously tomentulose, 2 to 3 times longer than wide, not strongly resinous; bracteoles exserted in buds

var. flavipila

Phyllodes widely elliptic to elliptic, glabrous or sparsely hairy, mostly less than twice as long as wide, the base and often nerves strongly resinous-viscid; bracteoles not exserted in buds

var. ovalis


Acacia flavipila A.S.George var. flavipila

Shrub not obviously resinous. Phyllodes elliptic to oblong-elliptic or oblanceolate, mostly 1.5–2.2 cm long, 3–6 mm wide, 2–3 times as long as wide, mostly obviously tomentulose. Bracteoles ovate to lanceolate, long-pedicellate, exserted in buds.

Infrequent from Westonia S to near Dunn Swamp but locally common in Kulin area, south-western W.A. In low eucalypt woodland in poorly to well drained clay loam or brown sand.

Type of accepted name

Stirling district, near Gnarming, W.A., Aug. 1925, W.E.Blackall s.n .; holo: PERTH00741523.


Acacia flavipila is based on the following: Acacia aurea C.A.Gardner, J. & Proc. Roy. Soc. W. Australia 27: 174 (1942), nom. illeg ., non E.A.Noronha ex Hoeven & de Vriese, Tijdschr. Nat. Geschied. 11: 128 (1844). Type: as for accepted name.


R.S.Cowan & B.R.Maslin, Nuytsia 7: 186, fig. 1J (1990).

Representative collections

W.A.: Westonia, 15 Feb. 1953, S.C.Bennett s.n . (PERTH); Emu Rock, B.R.Maslin 560 (MEL, NY, PERTH); 8 km E of Kulin, K.Newbey 3222 (CANB, K, NY, PERTH, RH); 15 km E of Dunn Swamp, K.Newbey 8131 (PERTH).


Acacia flavipila var. ovalis R.S.Cowan & Maslin, Nuytsia 7: 191, fig. 1K–M (1990)

Shrub with phyllode bases and often the nerves, branchlet apices and inflorescences obviously resinous. Phyllodes widely elliptic to elliptic, mostly 1–1.5 cm long, 6–9 mm wide, mostly less than twice as long as wide, glabrous or sparsely hairy. Bracteoles quadrate-ovate, short-pedicellate, not exserted in buds.

Confined to Quairading- Kulin- Gibb Rock (N of Hyden) area in south-western W.A. with one outlying population between Cadoux and Kokardine, c. 150 km N of Quairading. Grows in well drained sand or more often clay loam, in open shrubland on open undulating terrain.

Type of accepted name

c. 20 miles [32] km NW of Kondinin, W.A., 29 June 1970, A.S.George 9873 ; holo: PERTH; iso: MEL, TLF n.v.


R.S.Cowan & B.R.Maslin, loc. cit.

Representative collections

W.A.: 4 km from Cadoux towards Kalannie, R.J.Cumming 1867 (CANB, PERTH); 3.2 km S of Gnarming on road to Kulin, B R.Maslin 522 (BRI, PERTH); 24 km N of Bulyee, K.Newbey 3425 (PERTH); 64 km SSW of Marvel Loch, K.Newbey 8431 (PERTH).


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