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Acacia Study Group

The Acacia Study Group is a special interest group within the Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants (ASGAP). This Group has been in operation since 1961. Its members are mainly keen amateurs with no formal horticultural or botanical knowledge, although a number of professionals in those fields also participate. Members of the group look at all aspects of the genus Acacia including distribution, reproductive processes, growth requirements, horticultural requirements, uses and pests and diseases.

What the Acacia Study Group offers


Since the inception of the group over 100 Newsletters have been issued documenting reports and articles from members and outside sources. The Newsletter is produced every three months and, since 2001 has been distributed to members either electronically or mailed out as a hard copy. For your convenience WorldWideWattle has warehoused back issues of the electronically produced Newsletters, which commenced with No. 79. Selected articles from Newsletters prior to No. 79 are contained in the booklet ‘Wattles are Golden’ (see Publication below).

Seed Bank

The group maintains an extensive Seed Bank with seed of almost 500 species and varieties listed. Seed is available to members for the cost of postage.

Photographic Library

A photographic library is in the process of compilation. This will include cultivation requirements where available.


A booklet called ‘Wattles are Golden’ has been produced by Bruce Clark, a former Acacia Study Group leader. This contains 180 extracts from the 100 Newsletters issued between 1961 and 1995. It covers members reports and theories on germination, soil mixes, name changes, pruning, pests, cuttings and much more. The booklet costs $AUS6.75 posted within Australia (additional postage elsewhere). Copies are available from Esther Brueggemeier (contact details given below).

Published issues of the Acacia Study Group Newsletter available as pdf downloads

Interested in joining the Acacia Study Group?

Membership is $7 (proved by email), $10 (posted as hard copy within Australia), $20 (overseas postage). Contact Esther Brueggemeier (28 Staton Cr, Westlake, Vic 3337; email: acaciastudygroup@gmail.com; tel: 0411 148 874).

Page last updated: Thursday 22 June 2023