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Drummond Symposium 2004

Organised by the Toodyay Naturalists Club

The Toodyay Naturalists Club in association with Kings Park, the Western Australian Herbarium and Curtin University of Technology are planning to hold this one day Symposium to commemorate the life and work of James Drummond. Drummond was the first Government Botanist in Western Australia and made extensive collections of Western Australian plants, including many type specimens. He lived in Toodyay, ranging widely over the south-west of that State from his farm at Hawthornden.

Organising Committee

Toodyay Naturalists Club will be assisted in organizing the event by a small committee of local biologists:

  • Dr Stephen Davies (Chariman, Curtin University: S.Davies@exchange.curtin.edu.au)
  • Dr Stephen Hopper (Kings Park)
  • Mrs Rica Erickson (Nedlands)
  • Carole Elliott (W.A. Herbarium)
  • Mrs Alison Doley (Coorow)
  • Mrs Ray Paynter (Toodyay Naturalists Club)


  • Registration Fee: $70
  • Dinner (Friday pm; does not include drinks): $25
  • Excursion (Saturday, includes picnic lunch): $30
  • For further information contact: Carole Elliott: W.A. Herbarium, Locked Bag 104, Bentley Delivery Centre, W.A. 6983 (carolee@calm.wa.gov.au; tel. 08-93340496)

Draft Programme

Meeting to be held on Friday, 27th. August 2004, in the Memorial Hall, Toodyay, with a dinner that evening and an excursion to Majestic Heights and Old Toodyay the following day, Saturday, 28th. August 2004.

Friday, 27th. August 2004

8.30am Registration.

9.00am First Session  – Chairman Dr. Stephen Hopper

9.15am Rica Erickson - Drummond as a settler in Toodyay.

9.45am Hon. Justice Rosemary Balmford - The growth of biological study in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries - the global background to Drummond's work.

10.15am Dr. Neville Marchant - The impact of James Drummond on Western Australian botany.


11.15am Dr. Stephen Davies - Drummond and Gilbert - their discoveries of vertebrates.

11.45am Bruce Maslin & Alex George - Drummond and the Acacias: an assessment of James Drummond's contribution to the botany of Western Australia.

12.15am Dr. Robyn Barker - The present state of Drummond's plant collections.

12.45pm LUNCH

2.00pm Second session – Chairman Dr. Stephen Davies

Mrs. Alison Doley: The role of private remnants in nature conservation

2.25pm Dr. David Coates: Flora conservation in Western Australia – Rediscovery of rare and threatened plants.

2.50pm Penny Hussey: Drummond's plants at your bushland.


3.45pm Katie Syme and Roger Hilton: Drummond as a collector of fungi

4.10pm Andrew Brown and Carole Elliott: Drummond and his passion for orchids.

4.35pm Dr. Stephen Hopper: Drummond’s legacy.

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