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Acacia Study Group Seed List: November 2012

Acacia seed is provided to Acacia Study Group members free of charge (excl. postage) on the following basis:

  • 18 packets maximum in each order (negotiable).
  • A limit of three orders per member per year.
  • For orders of 12 or fewer packets where only a small number of seeds is required (6 or less per packet), please include a 230 x 100 mm stamped addressed envelope.
  • For orders of over 12 packets, or where a larger number of seeds is required, please include $1.65 in stamps to cover the cost of a padded post bag and postage.
  • Order may be placed with Esther Brueggemeier (28 Staton Cr, Westlake, Vic 3337; email: wildaboutwattle@iprimus.com.au; tel: 0411 148 874).

Information on the cultivation of Wattles is provided elsewhere on WorldWideWattle.

Species available

Although we try and keep the species list as accurate as possible we cannot guarantee that seed is correctly named in all cases. When errors are brought to our attention the list is updated.

The numbers after species names indicate the year in which the seed was collected, if it is known. Although we cannot guarantee that all seed will germinate, viability test are conducted on seed that is older than 15 years. However, we do know of cases where seed less than 15 years old has failed to germinate.

View current Acacia Study Group Seed List.


Page last updated: Thursday 22 June 2023