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WATTLE: Acacias of Australia

CD Rom cover: WATTLE: Acacias of Australia Note: The WATTLE CD has now been revised. The new key is available, free of charge, at LucidCentral on the web (Nov. 2015).

CD ROM cover:
WATTLE: Acacias of Australia
© Commonwealth of Australia/CALM

Coordinator: B.R. Maslin.
Other contributing authors: T.Tame, H.Coleman, M.W.McDonald, T.Spokes, M.O'Leary, N.G.Walsh, P.G.Kodela and K.Thiele.

The WATTLE CD may be purchased from CSIRO Publishing

WATTLE complements the Flora of Australia vol. 11A and 11B books.

WATTLE is jointly published by the Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra, and the Department of Conservation and Land Management, Perth. It is available from CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne.

Many people and institutions contributed to WATTLE and their efforts are acknowledged.

WATTLE is part of the ABRS series of identification guides, on CD ROM. At its heart is a random access LucID identification key which allows people of all ages to quickly and accurately identify any species of wattle in Australia.

The key is a truly random access tool, which allows users to enter the characteristics of the wattle specimen they wish to identify, in any order. The key then sorts out those species possessing the characteristics nominated, rejecting those that do not. By progressively providing additional information about the unknown specimen, users can narrow the search, eventually ending up with just one or a few species. The success of the identification can be checked by comparing the specimen with illustrations from a range of sources, maps and detailed descriptions.

WATTLE: example of description and notes WATTLE: example of description and notes
WATTLE: example of description and notes WATTLE: example of description and notes

For those who want information about a species for which the name is already known, the fact sheets containing illustrations, descriptions and maps can be accessed directly. Hyperlinks provide simple navigation between fact sheets of related or similar species.

Sharply pungent Coarsely pungent Not pungent (innocuous)

A very useful feature for those beginning botanical identification, or those unsure of the usage of terms, is a series of thumbnail illustrations of character states. These can be used either as a glossary to understand terminology, or to directly select matching character states as part of the identification process.

Sharply pungent

Coarsely pungent

Not pungent



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