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Dalwallinu Acacia Symposium: 13–14 July 2001

Flora and vegetation of Burnerbinmah Station: a study of the plant communities in the Mulga shrublands of the Murchison Region, Western Australia

Susan Patrick

Science Division, Department of Conservation and Land Management, W A Herbarium, Locked Bag 104, Bentley Delivery Centre, Western Australia 6983

A study was undertaken of the flora and plant communities of Burnerbinmah Station in the Murchison Region of Western Australia. The station lies at the head of the Mongers Lake drainage system, with associated calcrete valley fills and platforms, alluvial plains, sandplains, granite exposures and breakaways.

Thirty-four quadrats were used to define nine community types that were correlated with soil types and topography. A total vascular flora of 551 species was recorded from the station, of which 494 were native and 57 were introduced. Acacia is represented by 32 species, Mulga (A. aneura) being dominant in many communities. Nine taxa listed on the Department of Conservation and Land Management's priority flora list were found on the station.

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