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Dalwallinu Acacia Symposium: 13–14 July 2001

The tourism potential of Acacia

Chris Tate

Western Australian Tourism Commission, 16 St Georges Tce, Perth, Western Australia 6000

In an increasingly competitive national and international marketplace, destinations must promote what is best or unique about their product. Developing a tourism attraction in inland Western Australia has proven difficult, but tourism can succeed with co-operation between local government and the community by providing attractions combined with public amenities that can benefit both ratepayers and visitors. The Dalwallinu community can take advantage of wildflowers, and wattles in particular, to increase visitor numbers to the area. Already it conducts an annual Wattle Festival, has undertaken street plantings of wattles and has built town entry statements that feature the wattle. Other initiatives based on this one group of plants are suggested for increasing tourism to the region.

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